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Get Involved!

Venues such as the Quarrymen's are only able to open due to the goodwill of a group of very special volunteers. We welcome anyone interested in volunteering with us.

Volunteer roles include but are not limited to:

  • Usher - help us to warmly welcome audiences into the QAC, show them to their seat if/when required and then stay to watch the performance.

  • Front of House - help us to keep our audiences watered by serving refreshments and helping in other front of house duties, such as  box office.

  • Trustee - The Trustees of the Board are always keen to engage dynamic individuals who offer specific skill sets and experience in order to complement the strengths of the existing members of the board.


If these roles don't float your boat and you'd still like to offer your time on an ad hoc basis, then please  get in touch!


We're always looking for extra hands to help with community events, publicity/promotional team, administrative roles, basic and skilled maintenance

(eg. groundworks) and many more. 

Please contact us with any questions and  become a volunteer today! Use the contact form below or email us at:

Thanks for submitting!

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